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Co-Founder, Director of Culture

Tracy Echelberger is the compassionate and dynamic Director of Culture at Inhabit Real Estate, an innovative company with a profound commitment to its community. With a rich background encompassing both real estate expertise and extensive community volunteering, Tracy brings a deeply heartfelt perspective to her role. Her unique blend of experience allows her to approach her responsibilities with a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between neighborhoods and the people who call them home.

Fueled by an unwavering dedication to creating a positive social impact, Tracy's passion for nurturing vibrant neighborhoods shines through in every endeavor she undertakes. Her genuine care for the well-being of others drives her to seek innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for the residents within the communities Inhabit Real Estate serves.

Tracy's inspiring leadership style empowers her team to embrace a compassionate and community-focused approach. By fostering a culture of caring and collaboration, she encourages her colleagues to see beyond the mere transactional aspects of real estate, emphasizing the importance of building strong and meaningful connections with the communities they serve.

Drawing on her expertise and heartfelt dedication, Tracy actively works to bridge the gap between real estate, culture, and community. Through strategic initiatives, she ensures that Inhabit Real Estate's values align with the diverse needs and aspirations of the neighborhoods they operate in. Tracy believes that real estate has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for positive change, and she consistently seeks opportunities to uplift and support the communities in which the company operates.

Under her compassionate guidance, positive change resonates throughout neighborhoods, and lives are uplifted in remarkable ways. Tracy's hands-on approach and tireless efforts translate into tangible improvements, from funding educational programs and supporting local artists to promoting environmental sustainability and supporting local nonprofits that serve local communities.

Tracy Echelberger's genuine passion for her work and her community infuse her role as Director of Culture with a sense of purpose that radiates throughout Inhabit Real Estate. Through her dedication, she remains an invaluable driving force, ensuring that the company's vision for a compassionate and community-focused approach translates into transformative experiences that touch the lives of all those she reaches.

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